Extension directory

Here are our most popular extensions. If the assistant is busy or absent, leave a message and she will call you back as soon as possible.

  • ADHD, Aviation and Diving
    • Ext 1003
  • Dr. Souaid (ENT), Pregnancy, Gynecology and Vasectomy.
    • Ext 1004
  • Dre. Anctil, Dre. Bonnaud and Dre. Racine-Rainville (Hematology, Oncology).
    • Ext 1005
  • Dre. Doyon (General surgery), Dre. Gingras (Gastro-Enterology), Dre. Falardeau and Dr. Lamarre
    • Ext 1006
  • Dr. Cossette (Infiltrations), Dr. Pouliot (Dermatology), Dre. Anne-Marie Landry and Dre. Barriault.
    • Ext 1007

If the doctor you saw is not listed, call the clinic you visited. You can leave a message or send an email via our Contact page by filling out the “In-Clinic appointment or question” form.