Health Check-up

The ExcelleMD private medical clinic staff in Saint-Eustache, Montreal and Terrebonne are pleased to offer you health check-ups and complete physical examinations. We can offer you a wide range of high-quality services to follow up on your medical condition and improve your current state of health. Comprehensive medical examinations and services are offered to individuals and corporate health services members (senior executives, etc.).

Your health is our team’s priority. Our health care professionals will listen to you respectfully and devote their energy to your well-being in a calm, soothing atmosphere. Our team will provide you with affordable, professional service in addition to giving you an appointment within the shortest wait time possible. Our doctors skills and experience will ensure that you receive customized, personalized services based on your current and/or future occupation.

Corporate Health Services

To keep you in good health, our private medical clinics in Saint-Eustache, Montréal and Terrebonne offer comprehensive physical examinations at a reasonable price. Our team invites all professionals wishing to undergo a health check-up as soon as possible to visit the ExcelleMD clinics in Saint-Eustache, Montreal or Terrebonne. We also provide services to organizations that require annual health assessments; for example, check-ups for the organization’s executives. Pre-hire exams are also part of the range of services that we offer to businesses. These are reserved for employees who require a check-up before starting a new job.

Health Check-ups at Affordable Prices

The staff at the ExcelleMD clinics in Saint-Eustache , Montreal and Terrebonne can provide you with a complete medical check-up using a medical questionnaire that asks questions about your personal and family history. You will receive your results as early as 24 hours after your consultation. In addition, several types of nursing care are available on site, to complete your check-up. You will find a number of services, such as strep tests, injections, antibiotherapy, ears washing, Taro and Aclasta infusions, treatments for warts, and electrocardiograms.

Additionally, for people who travel frequently as part of their job, travel health consulting services.

There is a vaccination clinic for patients who wish to travel abroad worry free.

The clinic also offers screening services for diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and capillaries INR. In the private clinics, these screening tests.