The EMSculpt Technology

The Procedure

As with any aesthetic treatment at ExcelleMD Esthéthique, we offer you a free consultation with one of our professionals to determine the ideal treatment plan for your goals.

A muscle toning session (EMSculpt) lasts approximately 30 minutes for the buttocks and abdominals, and 20 minutes for the arms and legs. The muscle toning sessions (EMSculpt) are done at an interval of 2-3 days for a minimum of 4 sessions. In order to maximize or maintain the results, some additional treatments may be required. During the session, the practitioner installs the applicators on the area to be treated and selects the minimum level of intensity contractions then increases, according to the desired results and the level of tolerance of the patient. During the session, the patient will feel slight tingling due to muscle contraction.

Following the muscle toning treatment (EMSculpt), the patient can resume his usual activities. However, since the muscle toning (EMSculpt) represents a training of nearly 20,000 sit-ups or squats, it is possible to feel aches similar to that following intense physical training.

In addition, muscle toning (EMSculpt), which allows to eliminate lactic acid which causes pain, cramps and muscle burns, therefore, can limit the pain felt after a session of muscle toning (EMSculpt).

Since muscle toning (EMSculpt) is a non-invasive technique, it requires no downtime or preparation before and after treatment. Following the treatment, the patient can begin to experience results the day after treatment. The visible results will appear between 2 and 4 weeks after the muscle toning session (EMSculpt) and continue to improve during the following weeks.

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Treatable Areas

At ExcelleMD Esthétique, we offer muscle toning (EMSculpt) for the abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. You will begin to see results in your first round of treatment. However, depending on the desired goal, it is possible to push the experience further and develop muscle while refining the silhouette.

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The Treatment & Technology

Muscle Toning (EMSculpt) is the first non-invasive, muscle-developing, fat reducing technology approved by Health Canada. This is a technology using beams of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) allowing muscle contractions according to a determined algorithm. During the treatment, the muscles are forced to adapt to the intense contractions of the machine.

HIFEM® technology causes muscle tissue to adapt to the extreme condition it faces, resulting in a reorganization of the internal structure of the muscle that generates muscle gain and fat loss. During a muscle toning session (EMSculpt), the body is subjected to about 20,000 muscle contractions such as squats or sit-ups.

HIFEM® technology emits high-intensity electromagnetic waves that produce powerful muscular contractions, unachievable by traditional physical training, resulting in faster results without surgery.

One of the advantages of muscle toning (EMSculpt) is that the treatment is suitable for athletes as well as non-athletes since the level of intensity is adapted according to the desired results and the threshold of tolerance of each individual.


Muscle toning treatment (EMSculpt) can’t be performed on people with a pacemaker or metal implants. Also, treatment is strictly forbidden to pregnant women.


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